Wukong Mail
You can bind your email in Wukong CRM for efficient Email management and marketing.
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Send Email Easily
Support 20+ emails
Sync inbox
Integration with CRM system
Customer & Contact Email Marketing
Sync with draft, trash and deleted mails
Support Enterprise Email Binding

Wukong CRM supports to bind QQ Email, Enterprise Email, 163 Email, Sina Email, 126 Email, Outlook Email, Yahoo Email etc.

Easily Email Marketing
In Wukong Email, you can mass send marketing Emails easily.
Sync with your Email
In Wukong CRM, you can sync with your inbox, sent, draft and trash.
Integration with CRM System
Seamlessly integrate with your current CRM to facilitate your interaction.
Personalized Configuration
You can custom your personal signature in Wukong CRM, which is sync with your Email.
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