Close more deals quickly
Classify, follow up and promote your opportunities based on their stages.
Wukong CRM offers all you need to help you close more deals quickly.
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Focus on closing the most probable opportunities
Monitor every moment of your opportunities
Custom sales processes to improve your efficiency
Increase up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
Analyze the course of your closed deals
Check opportunities' progress with multi-views

Check opportunities' stages and amount with multi-view to help you manage your progress easily. Find your targeted opportunities quickly by applying Wukong CRM Advanced Filter.

Opportunity Stage, clear at a glance.
Wukong CRM updates your opportunities' stage in real time and you can put forward your opportunity by one click. Customize your opportunity stages applying to different sales in settings.
Intuitive Sales Funnels
Check data reports in BI, such as monthly turnover, daily revenue, sales cycle. You can also distinguish the bottleneck during the sales process intuitively through pipeline and find out potential growth opportunity.
Custom Opportunity Stages
Configure different opportunity stages for different products to promote your opportunities.
All round Data Reports
Monitor the growth rate and turnover rate with the help of Wukong intelligent reports.
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