Scanner entry, quick management
The code scanning function is combined with the invoicing system to make entry in the system more quickly and accurately Product information; use the scanning code function to carry out in-out and out-of-warehousing operations, which can accurately identify products, Avoid manual selection or input errors, while improving the speed of entering documents!
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Automatic filling of product information
Product information can be automatically filled in the CRM/Supply Management System through the bar code scanner. According to the information items in the product management panel of the system, the scanner automatically extracts the relevant information from the product barcode to fill in, which greatly improves the efficiency of product entry.
Batch Scanning
The statistics of product in/out is always the most time-consuming part of the whole inventory management, use the batch entry function of the scanner to record the product in/out in batch, which greatly improves the efficiency of inventory management.
Damaged barcode easy to enter
The use of a variety of scenarios, bar codes, two-dimensional code as a symbol of product information presented in the microsoft, once damaged, it is very likely to be unable to enter and thus reduce the efficiency of enterprises, Wukong scanner function, to identify damaged, contaminated code, improve the rate of product entry.
Linkage .Efficiency
Full integration with CRM / Supply Chain Management System
In the product management section of the CRM system/supply chain management system, you can set up a product entry panel to list the main product information according to your product requirements. The code scanner quickly identifies the information covered by the product code, and then automatically extracts the information that matches your product entry panel and fills it quickly.
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Security. Advantages
Identify product fakes and protect the rights and interests of enterprises
The readability of the product barcode is an important way to identify whether the product is genuine or not. Manual entry is difficult to check, the bar code scanner function, quickly identify false products, to protect the rights and interests of enterprises.
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Efficient. Comprehensive
Multi-type barcode entry
Many types of bar codes are available due to the large number of products. Product barcodes, 2D codes, etc. are all scanned, greatly improving the speed of staff operations.
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More opportunities ,less work
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