Consumer Goods CRM Solution
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
Drive sales productivity with a connected experience
Advanced mobile capabilities drive field rep productivity by making critical, time-intensive activities faster, connected, and personalized. Accelerate insights with complete program visibility, dynamic reporting, and real-time inventory updates. Optimize the planning-through-execution process with AI.
Empower channel partners with a seamless, collaborative experience
Help your partners drive larger orders by working faster and more collaboratively. Offer personalized self-service with our superior features. Use all in one platform to build seamless customer experiences.
Deliver smarter, more personalized B2C engagement at scale
Know and grow your audiences using AI-powered insights. Deliver hyper relevant messages throughout the customer journey. Offer seamless commerce experiences and integrated customer support to turn your buyers into brand advocates.
Grow and maintain happy members
Easily manage your member accounts in a safe, secure environment. Create stunning email campaigns that keep your membership community informed about upcoming and ongoing activities. Build strategic lead nurture sequences that will increase conversion rates. Manage all your customer communications on one spot.
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
1. Reseller
2. Channel
3. Business
4. Activities
5. Expense
6. Dossier
Expense Request
Inventory Management
Channel Plan
Inventory Report
Channel Flow
Inventory Analysis
Inventory Alerts
Display Plan
Follow up Management
Daily Report
Activity Request
Activity Approval
Activity Assessment
Activity Data Analysis
Expense Plan
Expense Request
Expense Audit
Expense Calculation
Customer Behavior Management
Customer Level
Customer Services
Dozens of applications at your choice
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
Employee Management
Sales Management
Inventory Management
Customer Management
Product Management
Offsite Staff Management
Consulting Management
Reseller Management
Budget Management
Activity Request
Approval Management
Activity Management
Finance Management
Activity Feedback
Consumption Data Analysis
Enjoy Wukong Services on Multiple Platforms
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
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