Training & Learning

Reduce time, resources and costs associated with maintaining your training tracking program.

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Reduce training costs
Consolidate training data
Streamline training deployment
Optimize performance
Automated Training Workflow
An automated training request and approval workflow simplifies the approval of course and session requests, and a
comprehensive training history and audit trail removes the complexity around auditing and proving compliance.
Streamline Training Deployment
Set up unlimited user groups based on job titles, roles, departments, facilities, or locations and easily schedule and assign training requirements to specific teams or sites. Mobile micro-learning also is supported.
Optimize Performance
Comprehensive training management dashboards and data visualization tools provide enhanced reporting with real-time snapshots of your employee training performance metrics that easily can be reported and shared across your organization.
Get Detailed Insights and Reporting
Close the loop by generating compliance-ready reporting with rich data visualization that can be instantly communicated across all stakeholders.
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