Account Pool Rule Configuration
Follow up business demands through account pool. Create account pools
and choose customer recycle rules to ensure scientific customer resources flows.
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Multiple Account Pools Configuration
Flexible Configuration Rules
Automatically Operation Rules
Fully Use Customer Resources
Efficiently Control Pick Up Quantity
Account Pool Field Configuration
Automatically Execute Account Pool Rule
Our system will automatically execute account pool rules to put
eligible customers into account pools for sales reps to pick up.
Multiple Account Pools Configuration
Every account pool can configure different fall rules and effective range to fit your organization.
Customer Fall into Pool Rules
Configure the duration of customer falling into account pool based on signing date, last follow up date. You can also avoid customers falling into account pool according to their types, priority.
Account Pool Reminder
When the customer is going to fall into the account pool, system will notify sales rep to follow up customers by displaying the countdown timer on the top of account list.
Pick up Rules
Configure the pick up frequency of account pool customers and former owner picking up rules. For example, every sales person can only pick up 10 customers from account pool.
Safe Customer Field Information
Sales reps can pick and view customers’ info in account pool. To protect customers’ info and privacy, you can customize fields can be viewed and cannot be viewed to protect your customers’ privacy.
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