Approval Process
Build Your Own Automated Approval Process with Wukong CRM.
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Real-time approvals
API integration
Manage multiplier hierarchy
Multichannel solution
Simplify complex logic
Instant notification
Manage approval work flow transparently, effectively and accurately
Entire electronic approval process
Wukong CRM not only supports CRM business approval work flow, but also supports OA approval work flow.
Real-time approvals
Our cloud-based platform provides an approval process that's integrated with your business processes.
API integration
Integrate Wukong CRM with your existing products using our API. Utilize data effortlessly without any gap in the process workflow.
Manage multiplier hierarchy
Build a multitier, role-based approval process for your business, set to your exact hierarchial structure.
Omnichannel solution
Wukong CRM takes your business apps to the cloud and minimizes approval time by letting you access the app from mobile devices, wherever you happen to be.
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