Email & Collaboration
Break up your teams into performance groups with Wukong CRM
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OA Highlights
With approachable analytics that anyone can use and understand, you'll foster acceptance and encourage adoption.
Whole Process Service System
Only Wukong CRM drives faster adoption by surfacing results and key insights in Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook and Exce
Team Collaboration
Dozens applications including work report, approval, conference, calendar to satisfy all your needs and operates efficiently.
Why Wukong CRM?
Use AI and collaboration to achieve better marketing promotion and more marketing outputs.
Interact wherever you are.
Support using on multiple mobile devices and online interaction at anytime.
Synchronous Collaboration
Seamlessly collaboration and real time work progress between employees in different departments.
Follow up Records
Quickly to know every employees’ follow up records and make specific plan for following work.
Improve Work Efficiency
Close loop work process from creating goals, to execute and achieve the goal with Wukong Intelligent Collaboration System.
Culture Transmission
Spreading your company’s culture to more people through knowledge base, activities, polls etc.
Multiple Platform Integration
Seamlessly integrate OA with CRM, HRM, and Inventory Management System on all in one platform.
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Main Functions of Email & Collaboration
Wukong Mail
You can bind your email in Wukong CRM for efficient Email management and marketing.
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Work Report
Record what you have done, expense time and problems and answer during your work.
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Approval Workflow
Build your own automated approval workflow with Wukong CRM.
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Project Management
Handling multiple projects simultaneously is made easy with Wukong CRM. You can manage milestones, activities, dependencies and expenses - all from one secure platform.
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Task & Collaboration
Monitor and track the progress of your tasks at any time. You can also distribute tasks to your colleagues and arrange priority, owner and due date easily.
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Knowledge Base
Easily create online knowledge base, user manuals, documentation & more.
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File Preview
Online preview files including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
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Video Conference
Enhance collaboration with superior meeting room capabilities.
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