Ledger Management
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Subsidiary ledger
General ledger
Columnar journal
Personalized multidimensional ledger inquiry
Multidimensional Ledger Inquiry
Input voucher to inquiry multiple ledger including general ledger, subsidiary ledger, columnar journal etc.
Subsidiary Ledger
In Wukong Financial management, subsidiary ledger inputs according to subsidiary account. Subsidiary ledger can reflect the assets, debts, costs and revenue precisely.
Columnar Journal
Multiple column journal typically display data like dates, account numbers, reference numbers, credit balances, and account totals. You can pre-design columnar journal you needed.
General Ledger
In Wukong CRM Financial sysytem, you can summary all the transactions entered through the double-entry bookkeeping method. Under this method, each transaction affects at least two accounts; one account is debited, while another is credited. The total debit amount must always be equal to the total credit amount.
We clearly displays the balances of all accounts, which includes previous balance, current balance and ending balance.
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