CRM Solutions for Law Firms
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
All of your Clients in one place
You have many options to organize your clients, be editing and creating Client Card (individual or corporation). System allow you to add and organize all documents in folders with advanced sharing options.
Call seamlessly without integrating with phone systems
Record and save every telephonic conversation you or your associates have with the clients for getting a better understating of their issue. Your associates can continue from where you left and access the client’s profile in the CRM while speaking to them. They can seamlessly transfer calls and add notes directly in the Wukong CRM.
Case Management
Create stages for each case and manage them efficiently in Wukong CRM for lawyers. Track your cases and get updates to take real-time actions. Add win as well as the rotting period for each case. Give attention to cases that haven’t been touched for long. Find out the reason for losing a case and fill the gaps to improve your legal practice.
Full information about Your office finance
You have opportunity to track costs in cases, predict your provisions and provision costs for Agents. You can account Your Clients invoices, check payment status. To make Your work faster you have advanced system of notification in delays in cases.
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
1. Customer Management
2. Case Management
3. Financial Information
4. Working Management
Client Management
Personal Client Management
Permanent legal adviser Client
Dormant Case
Case Retrieval
Daily Schedule
Contact Records
Document Management
Business Reports
Financial Revenue & Expenditure
Financial Reports
Performance Assessment
Instant Messages
Office Supplies
Conference Management
Fixed Asset Management
Knowledge Management
Dozens of applications at your choice
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
Multiple Legal Cases
Case Approval
Case Tracking Records
Case Archive Database
Case data analysis
Revenue & Expenditure Registration
Expense Request
Invoice Management
Meeting Room Management
File Management
Contract Management
Approval Management
Customer Management
Lawyer Management
Working Management
Enjoy Wukong Services on Multiple Platforms
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
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