Customer Demographics Analysis
Customer demographic describes the specific segment of the market to which your product or service appeals.
This information is based on factors such as age, social class, geography, and gender.
This helps determine both your market advertising and placement.
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Based on Big Data
Visualized Customer Information
Precision Marketing
Determining Product-Customer Fit
Geographic & Psychographic
Location, population size, type of area (rural, suburban, or urban). Psychographic: Social class, lifestyle, personality, motivation
Data Analysis
Analyze the customer data you already have to gain insights into your customer base. Chances are that you have quite a bit of information in your information system, including demographics, past purchases and more, that can provide a gold mine of information in Wukong CRM.
Customer Level Analysis
Recognize high value customers through our graph, which lists the number and proportion of key customers, common customers.
Behavioral Segmentation
Behavioral segmentation can be used in combination with Wukong CRM of Customer Analysis. Behavioral segmentation is carried out by analyzing matters such as user frequency, loyalty, benefits.
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