Customer Analysis

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Customer buying behavior
Segment customer groups
Improving customer service
Multi-dimensional Info Statistic
Customer Volume Analysis
Customer info, employees’ customer qty, conversion rate, contracts and payment are clear at glance in Wukong CRM.
Follow-up Times Analysis
Customer follow up info, times and quantity are clearly showed at Wukong CRM.
Follow-up Methods Analysis
Custom follow up methods and check the follow up methods through graphs to help you find out the best follow up methods.
Conversion Rate Analysis
Check customer conversion rate through bar chart/line chart/pie chart.
Account Pool Analysis
Easily check the account pool customer number picked/put by employees to control employee’s current customers.
Turnover Cycle Analysis
Employee’s customer turnover cycle, regional turnover cycle, product turnover cycle are clear at a glance. Through these data, you can solve employee’s difficulty and improve your conversion rate.
Customer Satisfaction Analysis
Easy to view every employee’s customer satisfaction to help you make better policies for customers.
Product Satisfaction Analysis
Help you to find out customer’s prime motivators for making the purchase and produce better next-generation products.
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