Inventory Management
Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software.
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Core Value of Inventory Management
A complete range of inventory management features
Access Online without installment or maintenance
Access online to view your inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, stock on hand, warehouse conditions with simple operations.
Use through multiple devices and sync data wherever you are.
Download mobile APP totally for free. Wukong CRM support use through multiple devices and sync data wherever you are.
Concurrent Use and
Different Authority Configuration
Define different employees with different data authorities and function authorities.
Intelligent & High Efficiency
When a material or item falls below the nominated threshold number it will automatically appear in the purchase order interface. This lets you quickly add low stock items to an invoice within Wukong CRM.
Integrate Finance with Business
Inventory receipts automatically generate accounting voucher. In Wukong CRM, your inventory management software can seamlessly integrate with your financial management software.
Secure Data
Vendors are dedicated to providing robust security measures and access control to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.
Main Functions of Inventory Management
Highly Efficient Supplier Management
Connecting supply chains to deliver capital projects and maintain assets.
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Helping You Ease Your Purchase Management
Streamline the purchase-to-pay process and automate key transactions.
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Monitoring Orders Whole Process
Order is the key and first step for fluent information flow and logistics.
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Maximize call center productivity and improve customer experience
Deploys easily, scales quickly, plus more robust security.
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Physical Inventory Counting
Sales Order Delivery mainly relies on delivery orders.
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Inventory Alert
Set inventory maximum and minimum quantity to alert low stock or overstock.
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Inventory Product Management
Classify and code your products. Customize product bar code to easily manage your products by scanning their bar code.
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Keep your organization’s strategy on track
Visual report by analyzing vendors, products, inventories and orders.
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