CRM Solutions for Building Materials Companies
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
Sales Management
Overall manage your customers, sales orders, reminders, payment and leads with Wukong CRM.
Transparency and oversight
Good dashboards reflect KPIs and make user activity visible to managers. Leaders know what their teams are doing and can coach them more effectively to succeed. Executives get real-time leading-indicator visibility to pipeline trends and market signals.
Lead Management
Advanced enterprise grade capabilities that adapt to your sales process. With a fully configurable lead management system, our CRM ensures you stay on top of all processes.
Every business is unique, and your CRM should reflect that. Combine various features to mold your CRM to fit your business—the information you collect, the way you view your information, and even the language and currency used can be customized to suit your needs.
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
1. Marketing
2. Business
3. Services
4. Management
5. Analysis
Online Release
Personalized Tags
Inbound Marketing
Customer Segmentation
Outlet Operation
Product Order
Third party Assess
Customer Data Statistics
Terminal User Management
Paperless Office
Multiple Channel Interaction
Response to Customer Needs
Mobile Working
Customer Info Statistics
Customer Project Design
Sales Performance
Sales Map
Customer Data
Order Info
Receivables Status
Order Modify
Business Data Analysis
Customer Data Analysis
Dozens of applications at your choice
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
Sales Personnel Management
Account Pool
Customer Assignment
Customer Dossier
Receivables Management
Program Management
To do list Reminder
Document Archives
Authority Management
Customer Demographics
Approval Management
Offsite Work Location
Employee Performance Analysis
Sales Data Analysis
Enjoy Wukong Services on Multiple Platforms
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
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