Human Resource Management
Wukong CRM provides you a defined HRM process covering all areas in your work
to provide better service for your employees.
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Human Resource Management Solution
Digital Financial Management and Human Resources Management
Employee Experience Management
Provide extraordinary experience to your employees with Wukong CRM’s employee management, life cycle feedback and optimization of welfare
Payroll Accounting
Build a diversified team with our functions like payroll accounting, work hour tracking, benefit management and delivery of services.
Talent Management
Manage your talents efficiently from multiple aspects like photos, entry, performance management and salary management.
Performance Management
Encouraging your employees to achieve better performance as well as enhancing your company’s performance.
Human Resources Analysis
With our HR analysis tool, you can conduct research and solve organizational inefficiencies to increase the effectiveness of the organization.
Our HRM helps you get:
Build your sales team's roadmap to success
Improvement in Employee Satisfaction
Efficiency increase per HR
Decreased HR operation costs
Why do customers like Wukong CRM?
All in one platform to manage employees
All in one platform to meet your HR’s needs with functions like searching employee profile, viewing organization’s structure, making HR management process, analyzing employee turnover rate etc.
Improve Data Processing Rate
Generating attendance data from every port; custom holiday types to easily arrange employee’s shifts and avoid manual mistakes.
Simplify Employee Performance Assessment
After the performance assessment, our system will send your the results. You can make relevant programs to improve your employees’ capacity accordingly.
Solve Employees’ Questions
Wukong HRM can sort out employees’ questions and solve their problems with a few clicks.
Automatic Workflow
Reminder you with Email or message on the big days like important event, birthday, anniversary. Automatically inform you when someone’s trail period of work is over/ internal transfer/turnover.
Customize Functions to Satisfy Your Specific Needs
Customize sheet to manage employee training, welfare, business travel, resignation. Seamlessly integrate with third party apps through custom functions.
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Main Functions of HRM
Employee Profile
Employee is the cornerstone of HR management. Better manage your employees’ info with Wukong CRM.
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Track worker time and attendance from anywhere.
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Payroll Management
Our payroll management system automates and optimizes the entire process that saves a significant amount of time compared to manually doing all the calculations.
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Social Security Management
An easy-to-use and highly interactive Social Security tool to help you manage employees social security info
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Performance Evaluation
Align employee goals with your business strategy to ensure everyone is working to achieve your key organizational outcomes.
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Recruitment Management
Recruiters and salespeople will be armed with up-to-the-second information about clients and candidates, giving them better insight for offsite meetings and interviews. You can view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data on any device at any time.
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Administrative Management
Enhance HR and administrator efficiency and low down cost.
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Employee Benefit
We provides an overview of your benefits, guidance for new hires and existing employees on enrolling and making benefit changes, and information on additional employee services and how to access them.
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