Customer Management

Lead Management
Centralize all relevant info to facilitate the management and operation of each lead.
Customer Management
Integrated management of customer info and follow-up records forms an external address book, which helps salespeople to track customers at anytime.
Customer Pool Management
Customers unfollowed for a long time will be put into the Customer Pool where they can be picked up by other salespeople, optimizing allocation of resources.
Opportunity Management
Transparent infor to help you observe every opportunity and sales performance in real time.
Contract Management
Contracts can be related to approvals to grasp its latest stage. Strictly controll approval process to avoid any error in contracts.
Payment Management
Receipts are related to payment collection. After audit, automatically update the collection progress. One collection can related to many receipts.
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Address Book
Communicate easily with colleagues through info in the address book.
Instant Messaging
Start group or personal chat and send logs, images and approval documents, etc. in real time to improve communication efficiency.
Work Log
Record your work progress and achievements; make progress by reading and learning from your colleagues' logs.
Approval Management
Freely configure various approval forms;set up and add new approvals or approvers conveniently and efficiently.
Add your due work into reminders to achieve scientific schedule.
Intuitive To-do lists; check subordinates' work processes and solve problems in time.
Knowledge is used to store company's fixed documents for employees and supervisors to share experience and improve relevant skills accordingly.
Notification in company can be announced and set freely during publicity. Read receipts makes message status clear.

Business Intelligence

Customer Analytics
Accurately count and analyze employees' customers to help you grasp every prospect.
Sales Funnel
Customize visualized sales funnel to control sales rhythm, to analyze sales efficiency and predict sales performance.
Payment Collection Analysis
Accurately count and analyze monthly and annual payment collections in BI to improve transaction rate.
Product Sales Analytsis
Record product sales in visualized BI to make your sales more targeted and efficient.
Sales Target Calculator
Set sales targets for employees and departments to improve sales efficiency and accuracy of salespeople's performance assessment.
Stay tuned for more features

System Settings

System Settings
System settings includes system configuration, staff and department management, workbench and customer management to help optimize your sales team.
Roles & Permissions
Manage and control roles authority to ensure that data only recognizes specified views or operations and it is tightly coupled to your business.
Custom Approval Flow
Customize approval flow according to your requirements.
Custom Fields
Add or edit custom fields of different modules to configure fields flexibly.