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Types of Voucher
Assisting Accounting
Opening Balance
Related to CRM/Inventory/Sales/Warehouse
Accounting Title Management
All around Connect to CRM/HR/Inventory/Sales/Warehouse
Seamlessly integrate CRM/HR/Inventory/Sales/Warehouse supported by Wukong CRM.
Types of Voucher
Accounting voucher, the source voucher of accountant, is the most common term in accounting, which includes debit voucher, credit voucher and transfer voucher.
Title Assisting Accounting
Maintain data like your customers, suppliers and employees in Wukong CRM.
Custom your currencies in Currency Configuration, which includes RMB, HKD and dollar.
Accounting Title
Import accounting title info by one click and maintain them through Excel.
Opening Balance
Opening balance is the amount of funds in a company's account at the beginning of a new financial period. It is the first entry in the accounts, either when a company is first starting up its accounts or after a year-end. You can custom your opening balance in Wukong CRM.
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