Mobile Offsite Punch
Offsite punch can help you effectively manage field workers to capture more customer resources
and know precisely the interaction between sales personnel and customers.
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GPS based data capturing for attendance
Clearly present customer distribution
Intelligent Customer Visiting
One Click Navigation
APP Mobile Punch
Customer Visiting
Wukong CRM handles your whole customers’ visit, ensuring a convenient customer journey through all your touch points,
while granting you full control over your processes and performance, and making your customers happy.
Sync Visit Data
Sales personnel offsite punch data sync with PC, which enables you to check their visit info.
Attendance Management
Keep an eye on the attendance roster with the customizable attendance reports that can be generated with a few clicks and let you monitor attendance of both individuals and teams in real time.
Configure customized attendance rules
With the shift management feature, you can easily configure individual attendance rules, punch-in and punch-out times along with weekly offs and paid holidays for each shift of employees based on their departments and locations.
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