Approval Workflow Management
Administrators can quickly build approval forms and workflows in a drag
and drop interface and then make changes as the business changes.
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Custom Approval Workfolw
Supports Mobile Approval
Flexible Node Configuration
Various Situations
Related to business data
Powerful data analysis
Dozen of approval workflow
Wukong CRM supports administrative approvals like business trip, leave, reimbursement as well as business approval like contracts, receivables.
Custom Approval Workfolw
You can build a complete workflow for your contacts under the process section; create email series, define actions, and set rules to separate paths based on contacts' behavior and information.
Related to business data
Approval workflow in Wukong CRM can seamlessly related to business to make you find out relevant info quickly, cut down cost and improve your work efficiency.
Monitor Operation Efficiency
We offer the use frequency and concrete number of all approval types. More importantly, we can find out the precise handling time of every approval to help you monitor work efficiency.
All functions can be accessed in our all in one APP.
Mobile APP, window, mac PC client can receive the real time moments of approval workflow
to improve handling efficiency. You can submit relevant process in mobile devices quickly.
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