Medical Equipment CRM Software for Accelerated Sales
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
Marketing Activities Assessment
Marketing Activities help you to establish marketing activities assessment system and precisely invite customers in various industries to participate in your activities, improving deal success.
Sharing Customer Resources
Medical Equipment industry has less customers but more output. Wukong CRM effectively manages the allocation of medical institutions, policy makers and current medical equipment to help sales personnel finding the right reps.
Strengthen Process Management to Enhance Business Collaboration
Wukong CRM helps you better manage project report, initiation, evaluation, tendering and bidding as well as recording rival information for your success.
After-sale Services
Medical Equipment requires professional technicians to provide services for customers. With better after sale services, Wukong CRM helps you answer customers requests quickly and efficiently.
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
1. Marketing Promotion
2. Opportunities Report
3. Intention Management
4. Promoting Management
5. Contract Signing
6. After-sale Service
Holding Marketing Activities
Inviting Customers
Activity Effect Analysis
Hospital Information Collection
Department Information Collection
Doctors & Decision Maker Info Collection
Information Collection
Project Initiation and Evaluation
Budget Estimation
Customer Relationship Evaluation
Sales Performance Predict
Visit Customers
Schema Report
Tendering & Bidding
Rival Collection
Project Process Control
Contract Signing
Equipment Delivery
Inventory Alert & Purchase
Contract Receivables & Invoice
Contract Archive
Equipment Consultation & Complaint
Equipment Maintenance & Repair
Service Quality & Working Hour
Service Charge
Satisfaction Investigation
Dozens of applications at your choice
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
Patient Profiles
Appointment Management
Consultation Service
Patient Follow up
Complaints Management
Community Activities
Patient Consultation Records
Satisfaction Degree
Department Management
Partnership Management
Personnel Module Configuration
Patient Family Information
Expense Management
Patient Portrait
Inhospital Data Dashboard
Enjoy Wukong Services on Multiple Platforms
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
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