Secure Data Authority
This helps you to define the permission for data. Employees can only view waht you want them to see.
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Data Authority Configuration
Powerful Control Your Data Security
Simply Configuration
Accurate to Field Permission
Data Authority Configuration
Wukong CRM data authority supports five kinds of data ranges: the person, subordinate & the person,
the person’s department, the person’s department, and subordinate departments
Simply Configuration
A few clicks enables you to configure your employees module authority. If you want someone can only view his/her own data, just define his/her permission as the person.
Field Authority
You can custom the field authority in Wukong CRM to protect your secret information.
Powerful Control Your Data Security
In Wukong CRM, we provide measures to ensure the security of all authority to enhance your system’s security and reduce risks.
Data authority in Collaboration
In the knowledge base of your PM, you can control your records’ safety
by opening/closing "read only"/"read and write".
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