Enable operators to handle the entire lifecycle of the prepaid recharge vouchers,
be it virtual (e-vouchers) or scratch card types.
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Input Voucher
Voucher tracking by Voucher Numbers
Fast, secure voucher generation in real time
Handles both physical and virtual vouchers
Automatic Input CRM/Inventory/PO/Sales
Seamlessly Integration with Voucher Input
Vouchers can directly generated through attachments and integrate with Wukong CRM,
Inventory management and OA.
Voucher Inquiry
Ability to upload voucher details received from external systems; Handling Voucher Life cycle (issue, tracking, closure) with multiple statuses securely, including inventory and sale through dealers and retailers
Create Customers Quickly
Create anonymous customers through upload of prepaid vouchers & hardware number and subsequent tracking based on voucher number or hardware serial number.
Secure Data
Ensure data security by storing and exchanging sensitive data encrypted with customizable algorithms.
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