Business card scanning OCR
Using business card recognition technology, it can be applied to offline meetings, forums, business exchanges and other scenarios to meet the needs of users to quickly enter key information of business cards, and effectively reduce user input costs
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Diverse sales scenarios
Scenarios are diversified, such as offline meetings, forums, and business exchanges, to meet the needs of users to quickly enter key information of business cards
Business card one-click transfer contacts
You can use Wukong CRM mobile terminal products to scan business cards with one click and quickly add contacts. Business card information is automatically filled in the corresponding fields of the CRM system and quickly saved as a contact in Wukong CRM.
Follow up now
Collect business cards in offline campaigns without having to wait until you get back to the company to send follow-up emails. Users can schedule follow-up tasks right away to accelerate engagement with customers.
High recognition accuracy
No need to time-consuming correction, place business cards, can be scanned from multiple angles, after receiving the business card, sales can directly hold the business card scan, the relevant information can also be quickly extracted.
Extensive . Comprehensive
Quickly populate contact information
Support structured recognition of 9 key business card fields of name, company, position, zip code, mailbox, telephone, URL, address, and mobile phone number, and quickly fill in the contact information items in Wukong CRM to help sales add contacts with one click
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Empower sales to capture massive networks
Sales no longer need to save the management of business cards, business card scanning one-click capture of key information to quickly generate contacts, breaking the traditional customer information collection mode, but also to alleviate the sales for business card management of this trivial work, better into the development and maintenance of customers, mining more business opportunities.
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Precision . quality
Avoid typing the wrong text manually
In the process of manually entering business card information in sales, typing not only drags down the pace of sales work, but is more likely to produce embarrassment of typos. Once the wrong information is found, it is necessary to find and verify from countless business cards, which not only reduces customer satisfaction, but also affects the progress of sales. With business card scanning, you can fundamentally avoid this opportunity for error.
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More opportunities ,less work
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