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Support One Click Call
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Call Recording Preservation
Seamlessly Integration with CRM
Provides greater reliability
Adds communication channels with ease
Whether through building on the API or via integrations, you can add new customer communication channels to your cloud-based call center easily without replacing the existing infrastructure.
Offers real-time support for agents
From leveraging voice intelligence features to advanced reporting and analytics, having your call center in the cloud means real-time coaching and support for your agents.
Provides greater reliability
By moving your call center communications out of on-premise systems and into the cloud, you can expect reduced downtime and latency and enhanced quality and productivity.
Call Analytics & Reporting
Keep track of metrics such as call volume and call times. Assess customer experience using KPIs like CSAT scores and average wait times. Make the most of call analytics and reporting and use the data you collect to improve your business.
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