Business Intelligence
Data modelling and accurate reporting creation has always proved to be challenging and
sometimes even daunting for non-specialists. With Wukong CRM Software
you can finally have reliable self-service data visualization driven
from one manageable place.
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Business Intelligence Highlights
Make faster, better and more informed decisions.
Visualized Data Analysis
Blend your CRM data in multiple ways to understand the underlying trends. Bring together CRM data from leads, contacts, campaigns, tasks, vendors, quotes, and much more.
Filter Reports
Powerful filtering options help you sift through your data. Filter your data using criteria based on modules, for example - if you are analyzing deals module, you can drill down based on deal type, deal stage, sales cycle duration and so on.
Actionable insights for everyone
Empower everyone in your organization to make data-driven decisions. This includes your C-level employees, management, and sales representatives.
Less pressure
Share employee and department working pressure and say goodbye to inefficient interaction.
Free more energy for data management and value mining.

Fueling Training
Meet sales department’s demands by finding out the source problem through large data analysis.
Quick Response
Analyze your data more wisely for better inspiration.

Index Upgrade
Easy to use system for your business.

Powerful Data Support
Scientific policies for your business progress based on data.
Cost Reduction & Profit Increase
Fully use the collected data to reduce your cost and increase your business.
Reserve Data Analysis Talents
Cultivate the independent innovation capability of employees and reserve more talents.
Shed some light on your business.
Quick build an employee-oriented BI and data analysis platform to make sure every employee
can fully know and use their data to improve their business performance.
Sales Representatives
Provide sales data for your company to make you better control your sales target and sales activities.
Financial Personnel
Financial Analysis is important in company operation system. You can view finance related charts and graphs within Wukong CRM to achieve intelligent finance operation.

People Management
Manage your people efficiently through recruitment, entry, performance management and payroll management.
Data Analyst
Featuring with efficient data sorting ability, precisely data permission control and intelligent data analysis, Wukong CRM improves your professional data analyst’s productivity.

Precisely Data Analysis with BI
Extremely Large Data Analysis
Quickly Analysis
Easy and friendly for new users to generate data reports.
Diversified Need Analysis
Process and analyze your data easily based on your needs.
One click to Share
With dedicated robust security measures and access control to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.
Support Big Data Analysis
With advanced column oriented support, our front-end can analyze data quickly with efficient computing power and data compression ability.
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Main Functions of BI
Sales Funnel
Intuitive graph to describe the journey and proportion of customers, from awareness to making the decision, which increases your closing efficienc.
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Sales Performance Analysis
Check employees’ sales performance and related information for better sales plan and high conversion rate.
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Customer Demographics Analysis
Customer demographic describes the specific segment of the market to which your product or service appeals. This information is based on factors such as age, social class, geography, and gender. This helps determine both your market advertising and placement.
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Product Analysis
Product Analysis facilitates the renovation and modification of existing products to give them a competitive edge.
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Sales Ranking
对公司的不同部门/Reflect employees’ capacity and power your employee for better performance.
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Sales Amount Analysis
Provide basis for you by analyzing markets, examining the sales process to help you decide how companies can effectively increase sales.
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Log Analysis
Employees can write the daily work and plan in work report. Supervisors can know clear every employee’s status and progress.
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Approval Analysis
Collect employees’ various approvals like leave approval, business travel approval and overtime approval, to help administrator know employees’ daily work.
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