Finance Management
Integration management platform including intelligent audit, accounting, report analysis
to build a brand new financial management mode for your whole business.
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Business Value of Financial Management
Powerful functions and secure financial management system
Finance for Everyone
Every employee in the company can check their own business and financial info.
AI Finance
With AI data analysis, Wukong CRM can achieve intelligent financial report, financial report analysis to free your financial productivity and create more values.

Business Finance
Break the walls between finance & business. Integrate data in the financial system to HRM/CRM/Inventory management system to increase your productivity.
Strategy Finance
Our strategic finance tool connects finance decision-making process to working capital management to capital structure to taxation, which adds value to organization and reduces overall cost of capital.
Wukong Financial Management System Integration
Break the walls between information
Reduce Repetition Work & time consuming
Enhance Management Efficiency
Integrate with ERP system to bring effective complementary
Features Of Financial Management
Voucher Management
Enable operators to handle the entire lifecycle of the prepaid recharge vouchers, be it virtual (e-vouchers) or scratch card types.
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Ledger Management
View every aspect of your ledger with ease.
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Financial Statement Management
Automatically generate balance sheet, profit sheet, cash flow sheet, tax payable sheet and detail of fee payment.
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Closing Management
Reliable, efficient and cost effective representation.
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Fixed Asset Management
Simplifies the ability to track assets across multiple locations, departments or companies.
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Cashier Management
You can easily manage your bank statements and journal in our system.
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Accounting Title Management
Sophisticated accounting title management with innovative technology.
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Financial System
Focusing on innovating financial management to build operation & management integrated solution.
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