Venture Capital CRM Solution for Your Success
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
Customer Information Management
Import potential investors and investees into your CRM system and set different authority according to business process to avoid duplication and resource loss.
Program Progress
Manage tasks and relevant owners to efficiently assign tasks; Set staged work node to divide big program into several small programs, achieving target step by step.
Invest Business Process Management
Flexibly set work flow and approval work flow. Monitor and analyze the process of initiation, approval, investment & operation.
Statistics offers you the analysis of customer demographics, products and sales performance, intuitively supports your raise policy.
Build highly collaborative after-sale service team.
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
1. First Contact
2. Program Initiation
3. Commercial Due Diligence
4. Service Process
5. Program Conduction
Preliminary Financial Due Diligence Investigation
Preliminary Business Due Diligence Investigation
Preliminary Legal Due Diligence Investigation
Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement
Partner Initiating Meeting
Memorandum of Understanding
Financial Due Diligence Investigation
Business Due Diligence Investigation
Legal Due Diligence Investigation
Field Research & Interview
Access Approval of Relevant Department & Industry
Deal Structure Designation
Potential Investor Interaction
Lock Investors
Negotiate & Confirm Investor
Investment Agreement Signature
Fully Funded
Follow-up services
Dozens of applications at your choice
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
Customer Risk
Financial Management
Contract Management
Partnership Management
Business Management
Legal Documents Storage
Approval Management
Interview Records
Potential Investor Management
Investor Analysis
Regular Customers Service
Fund Management
To do Reminder
Follow up Service
Enjoy Wukong Services on Multiple Platforms
All-around system applications to satisfy all your needs.
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