What can Wukong do for you?
Provide business support, human resources optimization, asset allocation, supply chain management, knowledge sharing and other integrated digital office applications for your enterprise from the inside out.
Each product is powerful enough that when they work together, you experience digital energy like never before.
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Sales management helps enterprises to realize the process of marketing, sales and service,the automation of management, and the maximization of customer value and enterprise income.
Leads management Customer management Opportunities management Contract management received payments management OA Collaboration Learn more →
Human resource management (HRM)
Human resource management helps enterprises to effectively promote the adjustment and optimization of human resources, dynamically grasp employee information, adjust talent strategies in real time, and help enterprises develop in the long run.
Recruitment management Employee management Attendance management Salary management Performance management Employee self-help Learn more →
Fiance System (FS)
It mainly focuses on enterprise financial managemen personnel and provides comprehensive financial management functions. Seamlessly connect with the Wukong CRM system to realize the integrated intelligent management of customer-sales-inventory-finance.
Invoice management Account-Book management Financial Statement Assist Accounting Assist Accounting Refined subject management Learn more →
Supply-chain management
Fully realize the professional management of procurement, products, sales, inventory and finance, helping you achieve maximum business benefits with minimum management costs.
Purchasing Management Product Management Sales Management Inventory Management Financial Management Learn more →
Wukong Drive
A place to learn and communicate, and a place to mobilize the soft power of the enterprise and improve the creativity of production
Unlimited Storage Unlimited Editing Multi-Person Collaboration Full Sharing Multi-terminal synchronization Permission Control Personalized label Learn more →
Why do you choose Wukong
Wukong is a pioneer in the field of open source in China. It has been iteratively updated with user needs as the core for nine years. At present, it has reached tens of millions of users, and the number of product downloads has exceeded one million times.
Customer Management/Human Resources Management/Financial Management, etc. Meet business management needs
Customer management, permanent free
English/Japanese/Korean, etc., fully meet the needs of multinational collaboration of enterprises
100+ Industry
A variety of industry solutions at your fingertips
9 Year
A variety of industry solutions at your fingertips
More than one million downloads, witness the quality
Wukong software make you business better
They trust us same as you
More opportunities, less work
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Mobile office
Real-time intercommunication enables multi-device office work anytime, anywhere.