• Wukong CRM9.0
    Access to cloud service after registration, without deployment or installment.
  • APP
    Support mobile office based on integrated management and sync data with PC client.
Enjoy considerate service in three ways
Improve customers' satisfaction and loyalty; optimise operational efficiency.
  • Open Source
    Permanent free open source with advanced technology framework & a project provided for millions of developers.
  • SaaS
    Easy to use like browsing a web without enormous investment in development, operation or maintenance; charge a monthly fee.
  • Personalized Service
    Questions or more information? You can contact Wukong at anytime. Our professional consulting team and excellent programmers are at your service.
Core functions of Wukong CRM
Tailored designation with a sharp insight to meet your needs.
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Contracts
  • Reports
  • OA
Customer Management

Collect quality customer data for your informed decisions.

Establish targeted marketing strategies based on CRM data.

perpetual save and sync your communication details with customers. Spare you from worry about salesman's resignation.

Main modules: Lead Management, Customer Management, Customer Pool Management, Contact Management.

Core functions: customer transfer, customer lock-in, customer sharing and communication records addition.

Deployment Method
Support multiple deployment methods.
  • Public Cloud
    No prepareration for the local environment; Purchase accounts on your demands; Operation and maintenance services delivered by our professional team.
  • Private Cloud
    Customers can build private clouds to effectivly control data security and service quality.
  • Local Server
    Support high availability clusters and highly autonomous and controllable data.
Wukong CRM Service System
Perfect customer Support System.
  • 1:1 Customer Success Consultant
    Senior customer consultants conduct researches, communicate needs, and develop personalized solutions to help enterprises deploy information platforms efficiently.
  • Perfect Training System
    Customize training content and programs according to requirements of different roles, which also fully covers online and offline training channels.
  • Comprehensive Support Services
    A variety of support services to reassure companies, including 5*8 online service, online ticket system, mails and on-site service.