Wukong CRM Core Features
Wukong CRM runs your business with 100+ features to provide overall information management for you,
from sales management, coordinated work to HRM to financial management.
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Specialized solutions for 30+ industries
Build professional solutions at the center of business scenario for various industries
Break the walls from new students enrollment to payment and achieve overall resources management of classrooms, teachers and course schedule.
Enrollment | Students | Courses | Finance Management
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Medical Equipment
Effectively manage the allocation of medical institutions, policy makers and current medical equipment to help salesperson finding the right reps.
Sharing customer resources | Program report | Marketing promotion | Process management
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Follow up opportunities conveniently and instantly using our perfect set of finance tools on the cloud.
Opportunity follow-up | Program management | Agile development | Email marketing
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Import your business into a unified platform to integrate your whole business process; response quickly and efficiently.
Vehicle management | Spare parts management | Sales management | After-sale services
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Financial Lease
Integrate your current advantages of salesperson and operating mechanism, to improve overall competitiveness.
Equipment | Channel | Service | Finance Management
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Venture Capital
keep your potential investors and investees in company level CRM system to ensure excellent customer resources without duplication.
Customer Management | Customer maintenance | Customer finance | PM
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Household Appliance
Integrate call center and purchase order dispatch into a real-time work flow from pre-sales to after sales.
Sales management | Purchase order dispatch | Call Center | Inventory Management
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Work Reportistics
Manage your customers according to their industries, regions or sources to provide pertinent Work Reportistic services.
Customer management | Work Reportistic management | PM | Financial management
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Trading Industry
Directly receive and send Emails in CRM; mass mailing for automatic email marketing is also available.
Customer management | Email marketing | SMS marketing | Sales tracking
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